Cyber Law in India-ITA 2000/8

Language: English

Instructors: Naavi

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All students would be provided with a participation certificate. 

Students can optionally take an online exam at a cost of Rs 2000/- (Inclusive of GST). Request for examination can be placed either with the commencement of the course or later. If examination is booked along with the course, the examination fee would be Rs 1000/- only. 

Those who take the exam and pass through an online examination would get a certificate "Certified Cyber Law Consultant" 


Why this course?

Provides a over view of Cyber Laws in India

This course covers the Cyber Laws presently applicable in India and is based on ITA 2000 as amended in 2008

Course Curriculum

Introduction, Legislative History, Some caselets

Key Definitions, Applicability Legal Recognition, Digital Signatures, Electronic Signatures

Digital Contracts,

Domain Names, IPR in Cyber Space

Civil Wrongs, Adjudication-Chapter IX

Offences-Chapter XI

Section 65B, Digital Evidence

Information Security in ITA 2000

Reasonable Security Practice and Due Diligence

S Umashankar Case, Recent Changes in ITA 2000- Applicability, CERT In Guidelines, Intermediary Guidelines, Section 70 etc

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